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Quality metal cabinets are ideal for rugged garage usage, and with proper care will, provide a beautiful appearance that will last a lifetime. Unlike most wood cabinets that are not engineered to be moved, metal cabinets can be moved from site to site without any structural deterioration.
When sourcing a metal cabinet system look for engineering and fabrication features that include:
• Heavy gauge-- 16 to 18 gauge steel construction. (Many of the so called bargain systems are constructed with 20 - 22 gauge steel and usually become wobbly through normal usage).
• Quality powder coating. The metal should be 360 degree powder coated after the machine bending is complete. The finish should ideally be slightly textured to resist scuffing and finger print marks. The surface should be easily cleanable with simple wiping with a damp cloth. (Lower quality metal units usually use a lower quality powder that only covers the visible surfaces with the hidden surfaces only spray painted or not coated at all. These surfaces can be subject to corrosion and oxidation. The coated surface can be easily scuffed and the scuff marks are difficult if not impossible to clean off.
• Rigid construction. The posts or cabinet gables should be rigid (structurally sound) Quality metal cabinet will have the structural integrity to stand plumb before being fastened to a wall. This is achieved through multiple engineered corner bends, gauge of metal, double sided doors, rivets and spot welds.
• Quality hinges and glides. The drawers and doors should swing and pull easily without resistance and remain at the desired opening point. The hinges should have an opening range of 90 -110 degrees and be either European hidden or full length piano. The roller bearing glides should be side mounted for space efficiency and have at least a 100 lb weight bearing capacity. The drawers should be full length extension and no more than a 1/16 inch space tolerance between drawers.
• Smooth finished edges. Edges should be smooth to the touch. All of the burrs and sharp edges should have been removed at metal fabrication time and before powder coating.

Cabinets by Hayley fabricates high quality metal storage cabinets using only the highest quality materials. Each and every component in Hayley cabinets has been carefully selected and tested for strength and durability. Using powder coated finishes, stainless steel hinges and galvanized steel countertops means that you will be able to enjoy, (and use), your metal cabinets for years to come.

When you purchase a Cabinets by Hayley product from The Garage Store, you are purchasing the best in metal-cabinet craftsmanship, durability and quality. We guarantee it.

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