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It is important to remember that heat is not hot air. Heat is actually infrared energy which behaves in a similar manner to visible light with the exception that the human eye cannot see low range infrared energy. The infrared waves of energy are emitted off the burner tube at the speed of light and travel in a straight line until they are either reflected or hit an object. When the infrared waves hit an object; the energy causes the molecules on the surface to react. This action generates heat, which is then transferred throughout the object by conduction. The object then becomes a radiant emitter, and in turn, heats the air around it. The infrared heater’s reflector redirects the energy emitted from the upper portion of the tube downward towards the floor.

For consumers who want a comfortable, care-free life style, the Ultimate Garage Heater is here. These unique, gas fired heaters produce infrared waves which heat the objects in the space, rather than the air. The results are spectacular. Imagine a heater that delivers not only warm dry floors, quiet draft-free heat, but also consumes 30 – 40% less fuel than forced air heaters.

Garage Store Garage Infra-Red Heating

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