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wall storage - monkey bar shelving products:

wall storage - monkey bar shelving:

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When it comes to any type of shelving, consumers are usually limited to the "buy-in-the-box" style of shelving that can be either stand alone or hung on the wall. This creates clutter and limited use of your wall space and before you know it...there's a mess again!

When looking for a storage solution, your main goal should be functionality. How are the shelves placed? Will the shelving units create more clutter or free up space? Do the shelves adequately use the space they are located in? Ease of access? How much weight can they hold? With the many items we tend to have in the garage, having a multifunctional storage system is the best way to address all the questions at hand.

Most wall-mounted storage shelving systems are a "flat-mount" which means they use the flat horizontal surface of the walls running down the length of the wall. This is not always the best way to use the available space as you have now limited yourself to flat wall storage with no depth. Innovation and a new way of thinking has created a design of shelving units that not only uses the "flat-mount" style shelf to hold all your valuables but also has a layered, hanging system below it for all the items that cannot be stored on a shelf - this amazing system is called Monkey Bars.

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