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When choosing garage cabinets, it is important to consider many factors. Of course, the factor that most consumers immediately consider is the look of the cabinet: the style of the doors, type of handles; the overall design. While design and style are important, they are not the only things to consider. In fact, if a consumer hopes to maintain the functionality and look of their garage for years to come, the structure and material make-up of the cabinets are extremely important to consider as well. In today's economy, most everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. When it comes to a home though, it may be better to spend a little extra now, and by doing so, add much more to the overall value of the home, later. When given a choice of differing types of materials for their garage cabinets, consumers should carefully consider their options before making a decision. One must consider whether cost is the only consideration, or if things like style, construction quality, and whether or not they're built locally or shipped in from abroad, are important factors as well. In an effort to cut costs, many manufacturers are creating the cabinet box or base from thin particle board, and then using something slightly sturdier for the doors. Solid wood cabinets on the other hand, are usually a higher, (possibly prohibitively high), cost, but they are certainly sturdier, and will last longer. Finding a balance that suits your needs should be your ultimate goal. Remember though: one shouldn't have to pay outrageous prices for quality, but one shouldn't expect diamonds for pennies, either.

Fusion wood/metal cabinet

Fusion wood/metal cabinet

• - ¾ inch heavy gauge frames
• - High quality heavy gauge melamine construction with 2 mil banding
• - Full 5/8 inch inset dado construction with ½ inch back construction
• - Constructed with 5/8 inch braces using dowel connectors
• - Full extension Accuride soft-close, lifetime-warranty drawer glides
• - Blum soft-close lifetime warranty door hinge systems
• - Galvanized 12 gauge metal PEM construction base
• - Adjustable metal legs

A stunning array of striking-looking door colours is available within the Fusion line. From powder coated metal, to stainless steel, anodized aluminum, 5 piece stainless or aluminum checker plate doors, and even a custom auto paint finish to match any car colour. These cabinets offer an unmatched level of quality with a custom look and feel, at an attractive modular price.

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