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Pegboard, (perforated hardboard), is available at home centers and lumberyards. Wall tracks are composed of a metal rails that are attached horizontally to studs. One product offers a decorative plastic piece to hide the rail. Rails are available in lengths of 48, 56, and 84 inches. Wire grid systems are another easy to find, install and use system. Grid panels are available in sizes ranging from 2 x 4 feet to 4 x 6, and can easily cover an entire wall, if several panels are used. The grids are made of metal, which is sometimes coated, and attach to the wall with clips and spacers. Slotted wall panels are solid panels with rows of horizontal slots, into which you can attach cabinets, hooks, bins, baskets and shelves.

Steel Wall Shelf Products

Steel Wall Shelf Products Steel Wall Shelf Products Steel Wall Shelf Products

Steel wall shelves are very economical and are so simple to install that you can have many shelves up in no time. They are strong, durable and come with a nice powder coat that matches most garages. These wall shelves are simple and visually pleasing and are a nice compliment to overhead garage racks. Wall shelving is great for areas where you need a little extra storage, but don't want to have a garage cabinet.

Steel Wall Shelf Products
When you look at your garage and ask "how can I get more space," or "how can I better utilize the space I have," one of the first things you should look at is your available wall space. overhead garage racks are great, but a quick and inexpensive way to clean up the clutter is to install a few of our steel wall shelves.

Remember all those tools he said would only be piled next to the door temporarily? What was that, five years ago or so? What about all the forgotten, half-empty cleaning supplies that are piled in the corner because you are sure you just might need that specific cleaner at some point in the future?

If this sounds like your garage you should probably throw some things away, maybe even hire a professional organizer if your garage is so far gone that you don't know where to start. Whether or not you choose to do that you can make some major improvements by installing wall shelves.

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