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Tiles come with a wide variety of colours, textures, and patterns. This option allows you to spruce up your garage. Certain tiling will even increase productivity, as well as giving you durability and waterproof coverage. Tiling your garage also will often outlast painting or mats. These tiles can range from a peel and stick, interlocking, or professionally installed tiles. Neither paint nor epoxy can offer the benefits of a garage floor tile. Tile is going to be more expensive, but professionally installed tile should give you a garage floor you can trust for several years, at least. Interlocking tiles can decrease the cost of installation, and high-end tiles can give an impressive look to your garage. Floor tiles should be able to be laid down right on top of your concrete, so long as the concrete is in reasonable condition. The biggest difference between garage floor tiles and tiles you might use inside your home is the adhesive you use. Garage floor tiles don't require the same additives that are frequently needed for interior home use.

Ecotrax Recycled Floor Tiles

Ecotrax Recycled Floor Tiles

Let’s talk green and what we at The Garage Store are offering in the Swisstrax line. With the our Ecotrax recycled floor tiles program, we turn recycled parts into guaranteed quality and low cost flooring tile. The kicker is that we will either buy back the flooring and pay you a fair price, or give you a credit towards future purchases of flooring products.

The product we receive in return will be recycled again so the recycling circle is closed. Now that is what we call green!

Features of our Ecotrax Recycled Floor Tiles:

1.Swisstrax recycled floor tiles are approved for fit, form and function. This means that they are fit for purpose and are warranted for 7 years.
2.The difference with the Ecotrax recycled floor tiles compared to our original products:
a.Slight color variations.
b.Not as weather resistant as our original goods.(Ultra Violet Light)
c.Due to the nature of recycled goods we cannot control what materials go into the recycled floor tiles, but the products withstand our internal testing procedures regarding tensile and break-strength.
d.Roll-over weight will be reduced to around 25,000 lbs. (Same as most competitors new products)

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