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Though there are many inexpensive bike racks readily available, from simple hooks to ceiling mounted bike storage products, The Garage Store has it all. We offer simple ceiling mounted bike hooks that offer an affordable bike storage solution at the cost of convenience when hooking or unhooking the bike, to our affordably priced motorized bike lifts, capable of holding two bicycles, and storing them effectively with just the press of a button. Wall bike storage, bike racks, overhead bike lifts, or simple hooks, The Garage Store has a storage solution for any bicycle owner or enthusiast.

Here at The Garage Store, we have kept our customers’ needs in mind when designing our state of the art bike storage products. We realize that a large amount of bike owners ride their bikes to stay in shape or lose weight, so we have strived to design bike racks such as our Horizontal Bike Storage System that make storing your bike simple.The problem with many bike racks is that they do not consider ease of loading and unloading when designed. Although alternative bike lift systems may be effective at storing bicycles in a space saving fashion, if it is not easy to retrieve the bike from storage the bike will become seldom used, offering none of the health benefits that a home owner may gain from riding their bike on a more regular basis. With both pulley and motorized lift options available, this bike lift makes loading and retrieving your bike from storage simple. By storing the bike horizontally, this system frees bike owners from the worry of bumping their heads on a bike stored in a vertical bike lift, and it also leaves the wall space open for any other purpose that the homeowner desires! Homeowners with high garage ceilings may prefer to have their bicycle stored vertically and to meet this need The Garage Store offers quality vertical bike lift systems as well representing various manufacturers.

Handiwall Shelving Kits

Handiwall Shelving Kits Handiwall Shelving Kits Handiwall Shelving Kits Handiwall Shelving Kits Handiwall Shelving Kits

StoreWALL Heavy Duty Shelf kits are the perfect solution for any storage challenge. Molded of strong, lightweight thermoplastic, these shelf kits are available in 5", 10" and 15" depths.

Every storeWALL Heavy Duty Shelf kit is pre-cut to convenient 32" and 48" lengths, and are shipped complete with 2 shelves and pre-installed end caps.

The 5" shelf has its own integrated bracket molded into the shelf. Our 10" and 15" shelf kits require our Heavy Duty CamLok(tm) brackets. As an added bonus, the 10" and 15" shelves can be installed to act as a tray to help keep items from falling off the shelf!

Stronger than traditional all metal or all wood shelving, storeWALL shelf kits provide more storage capacity per foot and are a tremendous value!

Best of all - no tools or assembly required! Just open the box, locate and lock the brackets to the wall, and place the shelf/tray. Instant shelving the storeWALL way!

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