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Garage Infra-Red Heating Reviews

Most heaters are powered by electricity because they're inexpensive, relatively safe, and convenient. When shopping for an electric heater, you'll usually see two main types: convection and radiant. Convection heaters are ideal for heating up an entire room because they heat large areas: most convection heaters will utilize a fan which quickly spreads warmth. Another type of electric heater is the radiant or infrared heater. These heaters have an electric ribbon or quartz element which provides instant heat. Although powerful, infrared heaters are more suitable for spot heating. Most fueled heaters will use either propane or kerosene. One of the most popular types of fueled heater is the propane patio heater. Fueled heaters have open flames and will emit carbon monoxide, therefore, they're not recommended for indoor use and are often placed outdoors or in large, very well-ventilated areas.

CAL Series Heaters

CAL Series Heaters CAL Series Heaters CAL Series Heaters

Rooms located above or adjacent to a heated garage feel warmer and more comfortable. Since they can vent either through the roof or through the wall, the CAL Series Garage Heater is easy to install in practically any residential garage. The units are quiet in operation, and offer draft-free comfort. As well, a heated garage adds to the market value of the home.

Uses 30-40% less energy than conventional heating systems
Quiet, draft-free operation
Melts snow and ice from vehicles, and keeps the floor warm and dry
Vents through the wall or through the roof
Low clearance to combustible requirements above, and below
Sleek, architectural design
Various lengths and configurations available
Available in natural gas or propane

Inputs from 40,000 to 75,000 BTU’s/Hr
Heavy-duty construction, with anti-walk reflector design
(will not shift or twist during expansion and contraction)
3-Try Direct Spark Ignition system, with 100% safety shut off
Largest and heaviest gauge reflector in the industry
8-sided aluminum reflector
Approved for indoor and outdoor use
Comes complete with a thermostat & hanging kit
Creates additional heated living space for hobbies, vehicle maintenance, pets, crafts, etc.
Provides beneficial heat for the home in attached garage situations

Optional Equipment:
Cal fresh air kit
90 degree elbow kit (CAL50 & CAL75 only)
3" Cal sidewall vent kit exhaust
180 degree “U-Bend” kit (CAL75 only)
All stainless steel construction
Hi/low gas valve (NG Only)

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