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Although a garage is a storage and workspace, it’s also a showplace. A neat garage is not only possible with a little help from some Garage Store accessories, but practical as well. Auto accessories keep your car running smoothly & make road trips more enjoyable, while storage & organizers keep everything tidy & easy to find. It’s a personal choice on functionality and esthetics, however the best place to start, is to browse the photo’s of possible solutions that mix style with function.

PSB-1R Folding Bike Rack

PSB-1R Folding Bike Rack PSB-1R Folding Bike Rack

Use the Racor PSB-1R Folding Home Storage Bike Rack to store male or female bikes flat against the wall, for maximum use of space. When the Racor PSB-1R is not being used, it folds up out of the way. (And can be used as a shelf for helmets or shoes).

The PSB-1R stores one male or one female bike
Folds up to provide maximum use of space
Made of sturdy solid steel construction
Has a durable black epoxy finish, with no assembly required
Can be a light-duty mechanics workstation

Dimensions : 13 in. X 12 1/2 in. X 3 in.

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