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Although a garage is a storage and workspace, it’s also a showplace. A neat garage is not only possible with a little help from some Garage Store accessories, but practical as well. Auto accessories keep your car running smoothly & make road trips more enjoyable, while storage & organizers keep everything tidy & easy to find. It’s a personal choice on functionality and esthetics, however the best place to start, is to browse the photo’s of possible solutions that mix style with function.

TAG 4ft Wall Mount Deep 14in

The Tag 4ft Wall Mount is the answer for all your garage storage needs. With all the different ways that it can expand, it is truly has "unlimited" potential. That mixed together with a life-time warranty makes for a great investment for your garage.

Size: 4' x 8'
Colors: Gray,Ivory,White
EnClose is a revolutionary new-age concept in expandable and portable walls, doors and separation. Units attach together to provide unlimited storage without interior-wall dividers.


- Baked Enamel, Steel Bi-Fold Doors and Panels
- Aluminum Posts
- 2 Widths, 3 Depths, 3 Door Styles
- Limited Lifetime Warranty


- 2-2\"x2\" Posts
- 2-Bi-Fold Doors
- 1-Transom Panel
- 1-95\" Side Panel

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