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Cabinets by Hayley:

Garage Metal Cabinets Reviews

With the advances made in metal fabrication and engineering design, today's metal cabinets are quite a lot stronger and more durable than the cabinets manufactured even a few years ago . The powder coatings are more resistant to wear and tear and can be cleaned easier and will offer superior resistance to scuffing and finger print marks, as well. A quality metal cabinet will have structural design to hold heavier weights and to remain plumb and balanced after many years of use. Quality metal cabinets are designed to be re-installed many times without losing structural integrity, unlike many inexpensive wooden cabinets. Metal cabinets will have superior resistance to humidity damage and incedental heat contact, as well.

Hayley Corner Cabinets

Hayley Corner Cabinets Hayley Corner Cabinets Hayley Corner Cabinets

These Corner Cabinets are the perfect addition to your already existing cabinets, or just on their own. Corner Cabinets utilize a space that would normally collect junk, or just not have a purpose.With it's top of the line construction, it is a cabinet you will utilize for many years to come.

Available Colors:
Cabinets are supplied with a textured powder coated black frame & side panels.
Top and bottom are brush finished aluminum. Cabinet doors are available in six standard colors: black, white, red, orange, royal blue and yellow.
*Custom colors are available

◦100% modular for expandability
◦100% Canadian made
◦Doors are double sided for extra strength and durability
◦Cabinets are constructed from 16 gauge steel providing: higher strength, greater rigidity, tighter tolerances, and longer life.
◦Rolled edges; no burrs or sharp edges
◦Textured chrome latch - Standard (matte black optional)
◦Stainless steel full length hinges
◦Textured powder coated paint; reduces scuffs and fingerprints, easily cleaned
◦¼" x 2" slotted mounting holes for easy installation and are fully adjustable


18" tall x 24.5" wide x 14" deep
24" tall x 24" wide x 14" deep
30" tall x 24.5" wide x 14" deep

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