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Although a garage is a storage and workspace, it’s also a showplace. A neat garage is not only possible with a little help from some Garage Store accessories, but practical as well. Auto accessories keep your car running smoothly & make road trips more enjoyable, while storage & organizers keep everything tidy & easy to find. It’s a personal choice on functionality and esthetics, however the best place to start, is to browse the photo’s of possible solutions that mix style with function.

Park Smart Parking Mat

Park Smart Parking Mat Park Smart Parking Mat Park Smart Parking Mat

Accidents happen when things get left on the floor of the garage.

The Park Smart Parking Mat is the one preventative measure every garage should have. With the Park Smart Parking Mat in place, the possibility of a mishap that could possibly cause damage, and cost you money, is much less likely.

Made of highly visible polyethylene, the Parking Mat is durable as well as oil and gasoline resistant. The Parking Mat is designed to guide you into your garage, and to your stopping point. There is a bump designed into the mat which lets you know where to stop. There is Double-Sided Foam tape attached to the back that holds the mat in place.

Made of Polyethylene
Lifetime Warranty
Double-Sided Foam Tape

The Parking Mat measures 27.5"x 12"x 1.5".

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