You don’t have to be a car enthusiast or professional mechanic to appreciate high-quality garage flooring.

After all, for many working people in Calgary, the garage floor is the last thing you see in the morning when you leave home and then the first thing you see when you return in the evening. It should be more than an afterthought.

Substandard floors quickly get “found out” by our harsh climate here in Calgary. Installing a new garage floor can resurrect a tired-looking garage or be the final finishing touch to a new home or business.

Fortunately, there are far more options available now than simply a plain, unsealed concrete floor that constantly looks grubby.
In fact, you’ve never had more flooring options available – and it needn’t cost you a fortune to finally get the garage floor you want.

Garage Flooring Options

Following is a closer look at the many garage flooring options available from our team at The Garage Store:


Pamper your floor with our seamless Sparta-Chip Polyaspartic coating system. This distinctive, mu...
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Sparta Guard is a high performance, full Polyaspartic, solid color concrete coating system that s...
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Flooring solutions for demanding, heavy traffic environments can be tricky. Thankfully, HP Sparta...
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Alpen Glow Metallic Coatings
Instantly enhance the ambiance of any room with Alpen Glow Metallic flooring. This 3 coat Polyasp...
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Medici Coatings
Set your home apart from others and utilize the wonders of Medici flooring. This decorative polyu...
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A popular alternative to polished concrete, Sparta-Stain is a highly decorative floor sealer that...
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Are you not quite ready to commit to a floor coating but still want to make an improvement? Swiss...
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Perfection Floor Tiles
Simple, capable and comfortable; these are three words that come to mind when we talk about Perfe...
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Polished Concrete
How great would a self-maintaining industrial floor be? Until that dream has been materialized, w...
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Concrete Sealers & Densifiers
The inconvenience of having to recoat your industrial floor every few years can be draining. Not ...
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Cement Overlays
Concrete replacement can be a nightmare. The cost alone is enough to widen your eyes. Did you kno...
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Thick Mil Coatings
Demanding work often calls for durable environments and sometimes a simple coating just doesn’t...
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Sparta Cote Diamond Topp
Safety is our “topp” priority when it comes to providing your garage with a dependable floori...
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How Do You Choose The Best Garage Flooring?

Whether you are looking for a garage floor to simply augment your home or you plan to spend hours at the weekend working on your car, your choice of flooring matters.

You will need to consider the following factors:

  • Aesthetics – what do you want your floor to look like?
  • Durability – how long do you want it to last?
  • Maintenance – how much work do you intend to put into keeping it looking great?
  • Usage/throughput – will you just be parking the car there or working there too?
  • Environmental friendliness – how important are “green” products to you? 
  • Budget – how much do you want to pay? (Whatever anyone says, this is nearly always a factor)

Once you’ve considered the basic qualities of what you need, it’s time to consider the main types of options available.

Types Of Garage Flooring

Thankfully, the days are long gone when you had to tolerate a dirty, dusty, cracked, damp, and dank concrete floor, creating an unhealthy and unsightly garage environment.

The world of garage flooring has moved on. Now, you too can have a premium quality floor that looks a million dollars but doesn’t break the bank.

A new floor can add a new dimension to a garage with a beautiful gloss finish and an instant facelift, creating a healthier, brighter, and more welcoming environment.

Resins can be used to seal your floor and make it waterproof. They are easy to keep clean and durable enough that you won’t have to worry about repairs or too much maintenance for years ahead. They have excellent bond strength and offer long-term abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Following are the main types of garage flooring now available:

Polyaspartic Garage Floors

Polyaspartic floors use a solid colour coating system that provides premium scratch and wear- resistance and anti-slip traction. They hide wear and tear, are easy to clean and are backed up by long adhesion warranties.

Sparta Guard garage flooring

Cement Garage Floor Overlays And Garage Floor Sealants

Polished concrete and decorative floor sealers and densifiers are excellent alternatives to polyaspartic floors, offering a wide array of finishes.

If you have a cracked concrete floor, cement overlays are a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire floor.

Cement Overlay Garage FloorConcrete Garage Floor Sealers

Garage Floor Tiling

Our garage tiling systems are simple to install and a popular alternative to standard concrete and coatings.

With a wide range of materials and designs, tiling is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a unique garage style.

Perfection Garage Floor TilesSwissTrax garage floor Tiles

Garage Floor Installation Process

Installing a garage floor is no DIY job. For starters, there are health and safety risks with installing industrial-grade chemical-based products such as polyaspartic and epoxy.

The experienced installation team at The Garage Store will simplify the process and we always put safety first during what can be a complex installation process.

Almost two decades of experience in garage floor installations enables us to offer long-term adhesion warranties for your floor.

After your free consultation over the phone, we can schedule you for a complimentary site visit. We will find out what you want, answer any questions you have, measure up, and provide a digital model of your garage with a quote for the various options available.

Once the design has been approved and signed off, our professional installation team books you in at a mutually convenient time and we get to work on creating the garage floor you always wanted.


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