Garage Overhead Storage in Calgary

Once upon a time, it was a real challenge to keep the garage spic and span.

Not anymore. With so many innovative and flexible options, homeowners no longer have any excuses to let their garage floor become a dumping ground.

Garage overhead storage is one of the solutions that has come on leaps and bounds in recent years – with highly creative, durable, sturdy, and affordable options available for all budgets and design choices.

It’s easy now to free up floor space and stow away all those items that previously had no home without having to have a complete home renovation.

At the Garage Store, we serve discerning garage owners in Calgary who take pride in the appearance of their garage and treat it as more than simply a place to keep the car overnight.

If you want to free up space and get your garage looking the way you always wanted it to, our overhead storage options can inspire you to get started.


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Why do you need overhead garage storage?

Overhead storage keeps items that don’t belong on the floor off the floor.

Where do you store that kayak or the winter skis? A bicycle is not much use when there’s a foot of snow on the ground but where can you keep it?

Because of our seasonal lives in Calgary, many items that are essential for a few months of the year are useless for the rest of it. If they are not stored, they may create unnecessary clutter.

Why not start utilizing that redundant ceiling space overhead? Ceiling storage racks can hold items so you hardly notice they are there while other overhead solutions are designed for specific items like tires or bicycles.

One high-end but affordable solution for a kayak might be an overhead hoist. For a bike, how about a bike lift operated by a basic rope and pulley system with built-in safety features to help prevent accidental release?

Another creative solution is a storage elevator that raises and lowers stuff on a mobile shelf to keep it out of the way. More traditional shelving or overhead racking can also free up space by keeping the equipment or boxed items off the garage floor.

Overhead storage is flexible and versatile. There are very few items that cannot be stored off the floor with overhead or garage wall storage. It brings order and space to chaos and clutter, taking up zero floor space.

This makes it ideal for smaller garages where garage cabinets would eat into the available floor area.

Types of overhead garage storage

Most overhead storage solutions can fit into one of five categories:

Hoists – bicycles, kayaks and other large items of sporting equipment may need specialist solutions like hoists to secure them off the floor in the off-season.

ProSlat-Hoist-(1)ProSlat Hosit Overhead GarageStorage

Ceiling storage lifts – lifts that fix to the ceiling can help you raise and lower items with one of the most accessible and creative storage solutions around – no ladders required!

ProSlat Storage Elevator garage overhead storageGarage-Gator-(3)

Ceiling storage racks – ideal for securing large items and using redundant space near the ceiling, these racks can store practically anything you find in the garage.

ONRAX AscensionONRAX Enduro Deck Overhead garage storage

Bike lifts – a basic lever and pulley system can help you raise a large bicycle off the floor and store it in the winter months.

ProSlat Storage Elevator (4)Floaterhoist

Shelving – traditional shelving is versatile and can be fixed to the ceiling or high on the walls, stowing items overhead so nobody even notices they are there.

Hayley Overhead storage in garageHayley Garage Overhead Storage

Selecting the best garage overhead storage

What do you need to consider before investing in overhead garage storage?

The following factors all come into play:

1) Dimensions/loads

How much stuff do you have on your garage floor and how much extra floor space do you want to create?

How much does it weigh?

Don’t forget that you will accumulate items over time so planning for a little extra capacity over and above what you need right now makes sense. Make sure that it has a load-bearing capacity to more than match the weight of your gear.

2) Functionality/usage

Bulky items like kayaks and bicycles need different solutions to standard storage boxes and everyday tools.

Will standard shelving or a rack system be sufficient or do you need a more customized solution for hard-to-store items?

3) Resilience/durability

Anything stored overhead needs to be 100-percent secure.

After all, you are relying on your overhead storage to keep things off the floor – not come crashing down onto it!

That means you need reliable brands using the best materials available so there is no chance of a disaster.

The climate in Calgary can degrade or rust sub-standard materials and lead to accidents in garages. It’s no time to take chances so choose high-quality, durable storage products from established names like Racor, Hayley, ProSlat and ONRAX.

4) Flexibility/accessibility

You may not need to access items you store overhead for a few months but come the season, you will thank yourself if they are easily accessible. When summer turns to winter, other items will need to be stored – and vice versa.

An accessible and flexible storage system is best so you can re-organize things as needed throughout the year in Calgary.

5) Design/aesthetics

Practical considerations are probably the main ones with overhead storage – but if you take pride in the way your garage looks, you’ll also want something that fits the overall look and feel of your space.

With so many options, it’s not difficult to find something that matches your taste as well as your practical needs.

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