Garage Wall Storage in Calgary

Over time, we all create clutter. When that clutter stops you from using your spaces the way you intend, it’s time to do something about it.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, hobbyist mechanic or you simply like to use your garage space as a base for home improvements or storage, the floor space is valuable and it pays to keep it as free as possible.

Garages can become dumping grounds but there’s an easy way to fix that: garage wall storage.

The wall storage options for Calgary homeowners are many so if you take pride in your garage and want to bring some order to the mounting chaos, this is the place to start.

The garage wall storage options presented below can become your inspiration to start clearing the garage floor and freeing up space.


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Why do you need garage wall storage?

Wall storage keeps items that don’t belong on the floor off the floor.

Whether it’s a place to hang household tools or store gardening equipment, hang the kid’s bikes or stack off-season tires, or stow away bulky items in boxes on shelves, the versatility of wall storage should be a welcome sight for a cluttered garage floor.

Imagine being able to locate that trusty plumbing tool you can never find or having space to park a second car or work on that hobby of yours?

What’s more, we are seasonal people in Calgary. We all need to live our lives to some extent according to the weather. Many essential items are only essential for part of the year and can be stored for the remaining months – or they may end up as unnecessary clutter.

Wall storage creates order and space where once there was chaos and clutter. It takes zero floor space so it’s ideal for smaller garages where garage cabinets would eat into the available floor area.

Reclaim that precious garage floor space that has gradually been lost over the years!

Types of garage wall storage

Most wall storage solutions can fit into one of five categories:

Slats/pegboard – a simple and customizable solution for hanging tools and other lightweight items and keeping them off the workbench or the floor.

ProSlat garage wall storageproslat wall storage

Wall-mounted bars/rods – sturdy steel rods or bars can be mounted on your garage walls for heavy items to hang off – ours provide up to 1,000lb capacity

monkey bar garage wall storageMonkey Bar garage wall storage units

Shelving – traditional shelving is versatile and can handle bulky equipment, stowing it overhead so nobody even notices it’s there.


Hanging racks – another great overhead wall-mounted storage system for garages, and ideal for securing bikes, tires, sporting equipment, etc.

Hayley-Tire-Rack-(2)Hayley Tire Rack garage wall storage

Organizers – these simple solutions usually combine hooks and slots for helping you keep a few items like brooms, mops, rakes, and dusters off the garage floor.

Racor Triple Ski HangerMonkey-Bars-Ski-Rack

Selecting the best garage wall storage

What do you need to consider before investing in garage wall storage?

The following factors all come into play:

1) Amount of storage required

How much stuff do you have to stow away – and how much extra floor space do you want to free up?

If you’re starting to think about wall storage, you probably want enough not only for what you have now – but to allow for the items you will accumulate over the coming years.  A little planning can ensure you create enough storage space on your garage walls.

2) Functionality/usage

Bulky items like tires and bikes need different solutions to smaller items like tools.

Your choice of wall storage will depend heavily on the types of items that need stowing away because it varies greatly. You’ll need to make sure that what you choose is fit for your purpose.

Maybe you have custom requirements for some unique items like specialist sporting equipment or camping gear that you want to hang on your garage walls?

3) Resilience/durability

You’ll need to pay special attention to the quality and resilience of the materials used in your wall storage solutions.

Anything placed in a Calgary garage will be subjected to wide temperature ranges, snow and ice, and the odd heatwave thrown in for good measure.

This can spell doom and gloom for inferior materials and products. Choosing high-quality, durable wall storage products from established names like Racor, Hayley and ProSlat is a no-brainer. They will not rust or degrade with the cold and dampness.

After all, you are relying on your wall storage to keep things off the floor – not come crashing down onto it!

4) Flexibility

You’ll probably need to access everything you store away – plus items you will accumulate over the years.

It may be important for you, therefore, to be able to reorganize your storage system. Consider a flexible storage solution that can be adjusted with the times.

5) Design/aesthetics

While practical concerns will probably dominate your thoughts with wall storage, homeowners who take special pride in their garage will also want to make sure it looks right.

With so many versatile wall storage designs now available for garages, it’s not difficult to find something that matches the overall look you want.

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