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Floaterhoist Bike Storage Product

No bike storage product optimizes your space quite like the Floaterhoist system. This horizontally oriented hoist offers you the ability to strategically store your bike within a close proximity to the ceiling, making it ideal for small spaces. The 3 point pulley system also allows for easy lifting, while the slings provide gentle support to the frame, leaving your bike scratch free. Over 50 prototypes were tested before coming to the final Floaterhoist model, so you can be sure they’ve been built to perform. Alleviate the stress of bicycle storage without breaking the bank.


  • 2:1 mechanical advantage for easy lifting.
  • Slings provide gentle support to frame.
  • Install on solid wood joist or concrete ceilings.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 55lbs.
  • High level of control when operating.
  • Easy to install.

Advised us they would be here to do garage floor on a Monday morning at 9 o'clock . They were here at 8:55 and started. Did a great job and finished at 5 o'clock. Called that day they would be here the next morning at 9 o'clock and were here at that time. Finished the installation in 1 and a half hours. Great job. Would recommend them for any work you need to have done. Good value for the job

- Keith Leaper

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