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Cochrane is a bedroom community to Calgary, which means plenty of commuters going back and forth each day. If you’re a homeowner making that trip, the garage is the last thing you see when leaving and the first thing you see when coming back. Do you want that image to be a disorganized mess of tools and other items…or a nice, clean space that you’re always thrilled to return to?

Cochrane homeowners, pay attention – because it’s time to upgrade your garage with some of the best cabinets you’ll ever find, thanks to The Garage Store!


The Best Garage Cabinets in Cochrane

If you go to the Home Hardware near Bow Valley Trail and Centre Ave, you may find some generic options for cabinetry. But it won’t be measured, designed, and sculpted around your garage. And that’s what we’re all about here at The Garage Store.

We want to make your life easier and your home more stylish. So, the cabinets we offer aren’t just good-looking – they’re the perfect fit for your needs. They come with plenty of customizable options to choose from, and having a pro by your side during selection and installation can turn any chaotic space into an organized oasis. You might even find that just thinking about your new cabinet set inspires you to start tidying up and imagining a whole new space right outside your home!


Garage Cabinet Options for Cochrane Homeowners

Looking to make your garage cabinets uniquely yours? Got some strange furniture, window placements, or architecture to work around to tackle? We’ve got your back. We can address it all during your initial consultation, and we’ll help turn your wildest cabinet dreams into part of your home.

Selecting the Best Garage Cabinets

Whether you’re storing a lifetime’s worth of tools for your ride, surprise gifts for the family from the Heavenly Outhouse boutique, or golf clubs for your weekly rounds at the Links at Gleneagles, there’s no one-size-fits-all cabinet solution. Here’s what you should consider for your cabinets:

1) Size

Think about how much stuff you’re stashing now and in the future. Measure out how much floor space do you need for your car, ATVs, or other big items. Cabinet dimensions and proper placement are key factors.

2) Functionality

Your garage, your rules. Whether you’re planning a home-based dog grooming business in Fireside, a small microbrewery in Heartland, or just some weekend car tinkering with your friends in Sunset Ridge, your cabinets should match your lifestyle. Think about features like stainless steel work surfaces, specialized storage, or ease of accessibility.

3) Design and Aesthetics

Make your garage as stunning as the views at RancheHouse! Choose from standalone cabinets, floor-to-ceiling units, or mix and match. Get creative with colours, finishes, hardware, soft close hinges, and trim options. If you’ve been envisioning the dusty grey cabinetry from your grandpa’s workshop on the farm, your world will open up immensely when you see what’s available now.

4) Materials

Like the look of steel? The grain of wood? The value and functionality of MDF? Choose from any of them, depending on how much you’d like to spend and what specific aesthetic you’re after. Your options are limitless these days when you take into account the different colours and styles you can incorporate into garage cabinets in Cochrane.

5) Resilience and Durability

From chilly winter drives along Highway 1A to the hot summer days spent at Ghost Lake, Cochrane’s got some extreme temperatures. Any garage cabinets you buy must be able to withstand those extremes. Everything we offer has been created with this in mind, and our suppliers like Hayley and Redline Garagegear are well-known for building their cabinets to be as durable as possible. You won’t find specialty cabinets like this just sitting on a shelf of generics materials.

Exploring Garage Cabinet Options

Garage cabinets used to be an afterthought, purely functional and pretty unremarkable. However, in recent years, there’s been a significant shift. People now take pride in their garages, hobbies, and capabilities. New materials and technology have changed what even basic cabinets are capable of. Modern garage cabinets now look as stylish as what you’d find in your kitchen.

Best of all, the right cabinets do more than store your stuff – they brighten up your space, add a touch of style, and seamlessly connect the whole room together. Plus, most modern designs are modular, making it a breeze to add to your setup if you need to down the road. You can mix and match colors, designs, and sizes for:

    1. Lower cabinets
    2. Upper cabinets
    3. Closet cabinets
    4. Corner cabinets/blind corner cabinets
    5. Wall-mounted floating cabinets
    6. Tool chests
    7. Closets
    8. Rolling units

Best Brands for Garage Cabinets in Cochrane

  1. Hayley HC: Made in Canada to tackle the Canadian climate head-on. These bold and rugged steel cabinets, available in a range of colors, are built to withstand it all.
  2. Hayley HR: Also Canadian, and fully designed for style, modularity, and adaptability. These cabinets are guaranteed to turn heads and get some jealous looks from friends and neighbours!
  3. Ignite Cabinets: A budget-friendly choice that doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. These wooden cabinets offer a clean slate for customization, perfectly tailored to what you need.
  4. Redline Garagegear: Unmistakably tough MDF cabinets, designed to elevate garages in Cochrane and all across Alberta. The name says everything – durability and customizability for your garage, all in one package.
  5. Proslat Fusion PLUS: Top-tier cabinets that spare no expense. These spacious 40″ cabinets come straight from a specialized facility and offer unbeatable quality. Plus, they include an online design tool so you can customize to your exact specs if you want.


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Installing Garage Cabinets in Cochrane

Ready for some garage cabinets that’ll always be up to the task you need? Reach out to us, and we’ll kick things off with a FREE initial consultation and site visit to get the full picture: your needs, preferences, and specific details and measurements. We can even build you a full 3D model of your garage so you can see how different options will look (or think about other upgrades while you’re at it – like new floors or storage solutions).

Once we’ve got all the details squared away, it’s time to put the plan in motion. Once we get the green light from you, we’ll schedule the install (which usually only takes a few hours, or a day at most). After that, your new cabinets will be ready for you…and your Cochrane garage will feel so much better for it!

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