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Over time, we all collect a lot of stuff – and all of it needs to go somewhere. For homeowners in Airdrie and all over the world, that place is often the garage. But there’s just one problem…what about the vehicle that you want to park there, or the hobbies you want to do in that space?

Whether you’re a member of the Airdrie Time Travellers Car Club and you need a space to shine up your hot rod, your kid is tinkering with tools for an assignment with the Boys & Girls Club of Airdrie, or you just need the space to feel more open…your garage floor is important real estate that shouldn’t disappear.

To keep your garage clutter-free, we offer the perfect solution to fit any Airdrie home layout: garage wall storage! So let’s tame that growing mess (and who knows, you may even find some thrift store gems to bring over to places like Where on Earth Antiques)!


Why to Get Garage Wall Storage

So, why get wall storage? The answer is obvious – who doesn’t love a well-organized, good-looking garage? With wall storage, you can hang household tools, store gardening equipment, hang bikes, stack off-season tires, and stash away bulky items in boxes on shelves. It’s versatile and perfect for decluttering your garage floor.

Benefits of Garage Wall Storage

Imagine being able to easily locate your plumbing or engine tools, having space to park another car, or work on your hobby. Plus, in Airdrie, we all know that our lifestyles change with the seasons. Wall storage allows you to store seasonal items like skis and sleds when they’re not in use, rather than having them clutter up your space when you’re not hitting the hills at Coopers Crossing or Chinook Winds Park.

Another bonus of wall storage? It takes up zero floor space, making it ideal for smaller garages where cabinets would be too bulky. There’s no excuse to let your garage floor be a lost cause – so let’s start organizing yours!


Types of Garage Wall Storage

Almost all Airdrie wall storage solutions fall into one of five categories:

1) Wall Slats & Pegboard

Simple and straightforward. A quickly customizable way to hang tools and other lightweight items, keeping them organized and off the floor. This does take some planning to make sure everything has enough room, though.

2) Wall-Mounted Bars & Rods

These are sturdy steel rods and bars mounted to the walls, strong enough to support plenty of heavy items. The type we use can support up to 1,000 lbs.

3) Shelving

Tried and true, regular shelving turns upper corners and walls into storage space. It’s versatile, easy to install, capable of holding big items, and blends in well when done properly.

4) Hanging Racks

More specialized than shelves, these wall-mounted racks are ideal for storing tires, bikes, oversize sports equipment, and other bulky items.

5) Organizers

You can’t go wrong with a good hook. Combined with slots, these are an elegant and simple solution to keep yard tools, skis, and other long items off the floor.


How to Choose The Best Garage Wall Storage in Airdrie

Before you walk into the nearest hardware store and start buying up shelves and hooks, it pays to know what kind of wall storage would work best for you. Consider:

1) The amount of storage required

Take stock of how much stuff you need to stow away and how much floor space you want to free up. Plan for future items you may accumulate over the years.

2) Function

Different types of items – like electronics, tires, water gear, or tools – require different storage solutions. Consider what you need to stow away and make sure the wall storage is fit for your purpose.

3) Durability

Don’t skimp on the quality of the materials used in your wall storage solutions. Choose high-quality, durable products that won’t rust or degrade in Airdrie’s summer and winter weather extremes.

4) Flexibility

You’ll want to be able to access everything you store away at different times through the year, so consider a flexible storage solution that can shift around to match.

5) Design and appearance

There’s looking good because it’s clean, and there’s looking good because it’s stylish. Choose a design that fits with the aesthetics of the room and the rest of the house.


The Best Wall Storage Options for Garages


1) Slat Wall Storage

a) ProSlat Wall Storage

Proslat offers optimized storage solutions for garages, homes, and retail spaces with award-winning slat wall panels, metal cabinetry, and storage racks. They have four different series of panels available – ProSlat PVC, ProSlat Aluminum, ProSlat ProCore, and ProSlat ProCore+ – in different colors including white, light grey, charcoal, sandstone, aluminum, and carbon fibre. Their impact-resistant slatwall can hold up to 75lbs per square foot and all their products come with a supplier lifetime warranty.

b) HandiWALL

HandiWALL by HandiSOLUTIONS is a PVC slat wall system that provides practical, reliable, and flexible storage. Its durability, easy-to-cut feature, and wide range of accessories allow for a customizable layout to fit any organizational requirement. HandiWALL is available in multiple colors, comes in 1′ x 8′ panels, and is scratch-resistant.

2) Tire Racks

a) Hayley Tire Racks

Hayley offers an affordable and dependable tire storage solution with their powder coated racks. Available in three sizes, these heavy-duty racks are easy to load and install, and will keep your tires secure and accessible in changing weather. Hayley is also known for their high-quality garage cabinets, making them a reliable choice for all your garage storage needs.

b) ProSlat Tire Racks

Organizing tires in a garage can be frustrating, but the ProSlat Tire Rack offers a simple and cost-effective solution. The rack is designed to securely store up to four standard size tires while maximizing space. Its steel construction and corrosion-resistant paint ensure long-lasting durability, and an optional mount is available for those with existing ProSlat slat walls. The rack has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, making it an ideal solution for anyone looking to store tires in their garage.

3) Wall Racks

a) SteadyRacks

SteadyRacks are revolutionary bike storage racks that minimize their footprint and maximize convenience. They come in 3 styles to fit your bike. They are easy to install and have heavy-duty construction, and can be mounted to virtually any wall. They allow you to store numerous bikes side-by-side, and their unique swivel action makes them simple to operate.

b) Racor

Racor is a leading global brand with a wide selection of over 50 garage storage products. They offer exceptional customer service and have everything from ceiling lifts to garage wall racks for sporting equipment and tools. Racor’s affordable, durable, and unique designs maximize garage space and can help optimize your storage plan.


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Getting Garage Wall Storage in Airdrie

Want to optimize your garage wall storage? Contact us at The Garage Store for a free consultation and we’ll work with you to assess your needs, answer your questions, and provide you with a 3D digital model of the space with quotes for different options.

We offer many different durable and efficient wall storage solutions for Airdrie homeowners to maximize their garage space. In as little as a few days, you can have hundreds of square feet back to use as you see fit – so contact us today to revolutionize your garage!

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