May 2022

Reasons To Buy Cabinets By Hayley

So, you’ve got a great garage floor. You’ve got a few garage storage ideas locked down like the overhead shelving being just the way you like it. But now, it’s time to put in cabinets – and there are so many brands to choose from. How do you know which one is best?

Luckily, we’ve got some experience with making garages the best they can be – whether you live in a big acreage in Skyview or a totally unique character home in Mount Royal. We can make the choice a whole lot easier for you. Here’s what our President, Don Fetherstonhaugh, has to say about our highest quality metal cabinet maker of choice, Cabinets by Hayley:


Cabinets by Hayley: The Clear Choice for Garage Cabinets


1) Excellent Professional Service

“Our business relationship with Cabinets by Hayley started in 2007 at an unplanned meeting with Cameron Hayley – the grandson of the founder of Hayley Electronics and the son of Darrell Hayley, the current CEO and owner of Cabinets by Hayley. We were only three years into our garage interior business. The Garage Store had a booth at the Calgary RV and Boat trade show, and we were showing a high-cost metal cabinet system that was manufactured in the USA. Darrell and his son, Cameron, were looking at our cabinet display at our booth. My wife Barbara was at the booth at the time, and she asked if they were interested in purchasing the metal rolling tool chest they were looking at. Darrell said, point-blank, “No, I am not interested. I build metal cabinets and they are far superior to these!” So, Barb suggested that Darrell meet with me. I met with Darrell the following week, which started the successful business relationship we have enjoyed with Cabinets by Hayley for the past 15 years. Over this extensive time of hands-on experience, we have learned to expect consistent quality and excellent professional service.”

2) Top Quality Cabinets

“Everything about Hayley Cabinets is top quality. They use the highest quality of materials, from the double-backed 16-gauge cold-rolled steel doors and drawers to the finest grade steel, aluminum, and components. It’s precision AutoCAD engineering combined with state-of-the-art fabrication.

The best way to describe Cabinets by Hayley’s superior design and the highest level of quality is to come to The Garage Store and see the system firsthand. You will immediately recognize the level, smooth quality of each drawer as you pull it out and notice the smooth edges on everything. You go to the closet doors, open one, give it a wiggle or a shake, and you will be amazed at how solid they feel. That is due to the double-backed, heavy gauge 360° industrial powder coating, combined with full-length stainless steel piano hinges. Give the counter a solid hit with your hands and listen to the solid ‘thunk’. It’s the same sound as when you close the door on a high-end automobile.”

3) Superior and Timeless Cabinet Designs

“They have superior and timeless designs. From Cabinets by Hayley’s earliest days to the super-sophisticated system available today, the design is consistent. Even though the extensive choice of various configurations available has increased dramatically from the start, you can still see the professional look of the earliest prototypes. This timeless design is a great reason to buy Cabinets by Hayley, because you can count on that consistency. Like a Rolex watch, they will provide a fabulous look today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Cabinets by Hayley is committed to consistent but subtle advancements, which means that over time the cabinets keep their basic look and feel. That adds up to a better return on your investment (ROI). Cabinets by Hayley are manufactured and assembled in the same super-modern facility as their parent company, Hayley Electronics. Hayley Electronics has earned an excellent reputation for quality and technical expertise in manufacturing specialized industrial electronics, like UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems. The cabinets required for these electronics have to have exceptional quality and durability to handle the various climate and temperature conditions of the industrial marketplace. Cabinets by Hayley are manufactured with precision AutoCAD engineering and state-of-the-art fabrication, using the highest quality materials available. The cabinets are built using sophisticated computer-controlled CNC devices.

Note that the manufacturing of the components and the assembly of the cabinets, combined with the industrial-grade powder coating, are all done in-house by Cabinets by Hayley. They are in control of the entire end-to-end process. Cabinets by Hayley has the same commitment to quality and service as Hayley Electronics, and that alone is a great reason to buy this exceptional cabinet system.”

4) Great Value

“It’s just plain great value. Timeless prestige and quality provide unmatched satisfaction, which will make you feel happy and proud every time you see and use your installation. You will also be satisfied knowing that these cabinets will keep their value and can be used by multiple generations of your family. Cabinets by Hayley offers superior quality and timeless satisfaction and value, offering one of the world’s best cabinet systems. A major added plus to this fabulous world-class product line is that it is manufactured right here in Calgary, Alberta, in the very well-established Hayley Electronics manufacturing facility.

The bottom line is if you want to buy the very best cabinet system, offering a great performance to cost ratio, which is all manufactured right here in Calgary – come down to find real long-term value. I do not think you can beat Cabinets by Hayley.”


Where to Buy Garage Cabinets by Hayley

When you’re ready to take your garage to the next level with amazing cabinetry features, all you have to do is give us a call right here at The Garage Store. (And yes, we do free consultations, based out of our shop in Ogden, just southeast of Scotsman’s Hill and the Saddledome.) Our longstanding partnership with the best cabinet makers in the business, combined with our dedication to bringing out the potential of every Calgary garage we see, means that you have a whole team of professionals helping you out. You can find more information on our “Hayley HC” and “Hayley HR” pages, too.

Don’t let the beautiful space beside your home go to waste. Make it shine with a makeover from The Garage Store!

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