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Best Metal Garage Cabinets

When you start your search for the perfect metal garage cabinets, you’re likely to encounter a wide spectrum of prices and quality. The old adage “you get what you pay for” truly applies in this case. High-quality metal cabinets might seem like a hefty investment at first glance, but they offer longevity, durability, and peace of mind that cheaper alternatives can’t match. Let’s delve into the factors that contribute to this variance in quality and pricing of high-quality steel garage floor cabinets vs. cheap metal cabinets.


3 Variants When It Comes To Garage Cabinet Metal Quality

1) Metal Comes in Different Grades

Metal grade refers to the quality, strength, and durability of the metal. It’s the composition and the processing of the metal that determine its grade and, consequently, its suitability for your garage. The grade will affect the cabinet’s ability to withstand daily wear and tear, resist corrosion, and bear heavy loads.

2) Metal Cabinets Come in Different Gauges

The gauge of metal speaks to its thickness and, by extension, its sturdiness. A lower gauge number means a thicker and more robust metal. For instance, 12-gauge steel cabinets will be significantly tougher than those of a 24-gauge.

3) Metal Garage Cabinets Can Use Different Types of Steel

Cold Rolled Steel

High-quality steel cabinets often utilize cold-rolled steel, which is processed at room temperature and results in a smoother, more finished surface. It’s not just aesthetically superior but also provides greater strength and structural integrity.

Hot Rolled Steel

Conversely, hot-rolled steel is processed at high temperatures, which can lead to slight distortions and a rougher texture. It’s generally less expensive but not as refined or strong as its cold-rolled counterpart.


Different Quality of Powder Coatings Are Applied

When it comes to finishing metal garage cabinetry, the type of powder coating applied is a crucial factor in the overall quality and longevity of the product. While you might come across options like Sandtex and Mintex, which offer different textural finishes, the critical difference lies beneath the surface—in the powder coating’s thickness and the pre-treatment of the metal.

Powder Coating Thickness and Flexibility

Unlike standard auto paint, which measures thin on the scale, powder coating is about 4-5 times thicker. This substantial layer not only enhances durability but also facilitates easier repair in case of scratches or other minor damages. A specialized industry-level powder coating that’s even thicker is also available, adding an extra level of robustness. With such a coating, the metal can endure impact and dents without the powder coating cracking – a property referred to as “modulus of elasticity in bending.”


What truly sets apart a superior powder coating job is the pre-treatment process. The Haley HR Cabinets, for example, use a rigorous five-stage cleansing process before powder coating. This extensive preparation ensures that the coating adheres more effectively to the metal substrate, significantly reducing the risk of peeling or flaking over time. The cleaner the metal’s surface before the application, the stronger and more durable the bond will be.

Texture and Finish Variations

The feel of the powder coating can range from smooth to textured, with Sandtex providing a more rugged exterior. This choice is more than a matter of style – it also contributes to the cabinet’s resistance to everyday wear and tear.

If you come across a company providing powder coating at a substantially lower cost, it’s likely that they have cut corners in their cleansing process, possibly opting for a  two- or three-stage approach rather than the more thorough 5-stage cleansing.


How to Spot Cheap Metal Cabinets

When it comes to steel cabinet quality, cheap steel cabinets often exhibit tell-tale signs like coating applied before metal bending, resulting in microfractures over time. These fractures can let in moisture and lead to rust and weakening of the cabinet’s structure, leading to deterioration in both appearance and strength.

High-quality metal cabinets on the other hand, like those from Hayley HC cabinets and our Ignite series, are crafted using superior materials and methods. They avoid the pitfalls of thin metal and inadequate welding that can result in visible imperfections and susceptibility to scratches and stains. Instead, they ensure a smooth, durable finish that maintains its integrity and looks over the long haul.


Signs of High-Quality Metal Cabinets

The hallmarks of high-quality steel garage cabinets include the use of a higher gauge of metal, cold rolled steel, and design features like double-sided doors that enhance the cabinet’s structural integrity. Not to mention, the variety of options offered, like LED lighting, integrated power solutions, and custom cabinets, signal a company that prioritizes quality and innovation.

Recently, The Garage Store outfitted Conoco Phillips’ water testing lab with our custom steel garage cabinetry, addressing needs like chemical and explosion resistance, as well as self-healing epoxy counters. The heavy-duty 14-gauge steel we used is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability.


The Best Metal Garage Wall Cabinets in Calgary

When it comes to the best metal garage storage cabinets in Calgary, doing your homework pays off. Invest in quality, and it will return the favour for years to come. Check out the selection of garage wall cabinets available from the team at The Garage Store. Eager to upgrade your garage to a sleek and functional area? Book a free consultation today.

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