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Sparta-Guard Polyaspartic Concrete Coating

HP Spartacote


Sparta-Guard Polyaspartic Concrete Coating System

Sparta-Guard is a high performance, full Polyaspartic, solid colour concrete coating system that stands tall above the rest. With minimal required maintenance, rapid return to service and durability highly superior to that of the commonly used epoxy, its value is immense. Sparta Guard is a sensible choice for demanding environments, ranging from garage floors to aviation hangers, and anywhere where cleanliness is a must. Protect your floor from the harsh elements while giving it the glisten it deserves with HP Spartacote’s Sparta Guard.


  • Completely UV stable.
  • Varied traction coefficients available.
  • 1- Day installation.
  • Excellent color & gloss retention.
  • Low-emitting, green friendly options.
  • 3x more durable than epoxy.

High performance and sustainability is at the core of HP Spartacote’s product values. They provide applicators, contractors & developers around the world with some of the most progressive and diverse concrete coatings available. In addition to an outstanding assortment of product, Spartacote experts provide consistent support, advice, and guidance to their field applicators in order to secure a precise installation.

Advised us they would be here to do garage floor on a Monday morning at 9 o'clock . They were here at 8:55 and started. Did a great job and finished at 5 o'clock. Called that day they would be here the next morning at 9 o'clock and were here at that time. Finished the installation in 1 and a half hours. Great job. Would recommend them for any work you need to have done. Good value for the job

- Keith Leaper

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