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Thick Mil Coatings


    Demanding work often calls for durable environments and sometimes a simple coating just doesn’t cut it. Where impact resistance & durability is vital, we prescribe a thick mil coating. These products consist of either a urethane or epoxy material mixed in with aggregate to give your floor a thick, shield-like, application. Often recommended to the food and beverage industry, or in areas with high forklift traffic, these are reliable coatings you can trust in even the most challenging environments. Waterproofing options are available, alongside products providing thermal shock expansion. We guarantee your choice to invest will be determined with confidence.


    • Superior chemical resistance.
    • High impact resistance.
    • Widely used in a variety of industries.
    • Offers thermal shock expansion.
    • Combines versatility and strength.
    • Waterproofing options available.

    Don and Rob were so knowledgeable and innovative in their approach to my desired outcome. They are truly the trusted authorities in this business. My wife is so happy that my tools and spare parts are so well organized and we have lots of clean storage space for the general household.

    - Roberto

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