Garage Cabinets in Airdrie

Many people in Airdrie are commuters, which means their garages see a lot of use. And, when pulling away or coming back after a long day, the last thing you want to see is a mess of boxes, tools, and other items that wind up in the garage because you’ve got no place to store it all.

Airdrie homeowners, it’s time to celebrate – because getting a set of sleek and stylish cabinets for your garage is easier than ever!


Finding the Right Garage Cabinets in Airdrie

Sure, you could head over to Fulton’s Home Hardware or the Peavey Mart off Yankee Valley Boulevard & Main St and buy some cabinets off the shelf. But as the saying goes, you’ll never even know what you’re missing out on!

Here at The Garage Store, we pride ourselves on helping you get not only the best-looking cabinetry for your home, but the set that best suits your needs, too. Our cabinets are complete organizational systems full of style and sophistication, with plenty of options to choose from. Having a pro on your side during the selection and installation process will help you bring order to any chaos you’re experiencing. You may even find that just the thought of your new cabinet set is enough inspiration to start clearing out, cleaning up, and imagining a whole new space just outside your home!


Garage Cabinet Options for Airdrie Homeowners

Looking to customize a set for yourself? Got a strange architectural quirk that needs to be worked around? The Garage Store has got you covered! Simply let us know how you want to personalize your installed cabinets during the initial consultation and we’ll be happy to help you make it a reality.

Selecting the Best Garage Cabinets

Whether you’re storing a prize haul of goods from the Where on Earth antique store that you can refinish, or you need space for some extra sports gear when you’re not playing at Kings Heights soccer field, there is no one-size-fits-all cabinet choice. Here’s what to consider:

1) Size

How much stuff are you storing – and how much do you think you’ll have in the future? How much floor space do you need to be available to fit your vehicle? The overall dimensions of your cabinets, and placing them smartly to maximize your space, is one of the biggest factors to think about.

2) Functionality

Maybe you’re thinking of opening your own business out of your home, like Pretty Paws Pet Grooming in the Big Springs neighbourhood. Maybe you just like to work on your car on the weekends. You want a set of cabinets that matches your lifestyle – incorporating elements like stainless steel work surfaces, areas for camping gear, specialized sports gear cases, or anything else that would enhance your quality of life.

3) Design and Aesthetics

Make your garage look as nice inside as the Bert Church Theatre! Choose from options like standalone cabinets, floor-to-ceiling units, or a combination of both. And don’t forget the other details, like colours, finishes, hardware, soft close hinges, and trim accessories. Gone are the days of the drab, boring shelves in your grandparents’ workshop!

4) Materials

Tied into the overall design are the materials involved. We usually recommend one of the following:

      • Steel (16 or 20-gauge steel options are available)
      • Wood
      • MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)

So, think about how they’d look with your garage interior. Would you prefer steel, wood, or a powder-coat finish on MDF board? This will depend on how much money you’re willing to spend, with metal cabinets costing more but MDF prioritizing value and functionality.

5) Resilience and Durability

Airdrie’s climate can be brutal – from chilly winter drives along Veterans Boulevard to the hot summer days spent at East Lake Park. So, your garage cabinets need to withstand those extremes. Our options are all built with this in mind, and can be augmented even more with options like double-sided doors and stainless steel hinges. In fact, our suppliers like Hayley and Redline Garagegear specifically design their cabinets for harsh environments and garage settings – it doesn’t get much tougher than that!


Types of Garage Cabinets

For a long time, garage cabinets were just after-thoughts – practical units that did the job but not much else. In recent years, this has changed as people have taken more pride in their garages, hobbies, and capabilities. And with the advent of new materials and technology, the field has been revolutionized over and over again. Nowadays, modern garage cabinets look as good as anything you’d find in the kitchen itself.

The right cabinets don’t just store materials. They brighten up a space and add style, while tying the entire garage together between the floor and walls. Most designs are modular as well, allowing you to expand your cabinets in the future if you need to, with very little hassle. You can combine colours, designs, designs, and sizes for:

  1. Lower cabinets
  2. Upper cabinets
  3. Closet cabinets
  4. Corner cabinets/blind corner cabinets
  5. Wall-mounted floating cabinets
  6. Tool chests
  7. Closets
  8. Rolling units


The Best Garage Cabinets for Airdrie Homes

  1. Hayley HC: Designed in Canada, for Canadian weather. Bold, durable steel of the highest quality in a variety of colours.
  2. Hayley HR: Canadian construction that prioritizes modularity, style, and flexible design. Sure to catch anyone’s eye.
  3. Ignite Cabinets: Economical but clean and simple, these wooden cabinets can be easily customized to your space.
  4. Redline Garagegear: As the name suggests, these are ultra-durable and highly customizable MDF cabinets, intended to improve garages in Airdrie and beyond.
  5. Proslat Fusion PLUS: Among the best cabinets money can buy, straight from a dedicated facility. Features giant 40” cabinets, an online design tool, and unbeatable quality.


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Installing Garage Cabinets in Airdrie

Want to make sure your cabinets are ready for anything? Give us a call and we’ll do an initial consultation and schedule a free site visit if it’s warranted. From there, we can find out what you need, what you want, answer your questions, and take any necessary details and measurements. If you’re looking for a complete garage makeover, we’ll even provide you with a 3D digital model of the space with quotes for different options!

From there, it’s a matter of approving the work, signing the paperwork, and finding a time that works for both you and our team. It usually only takes a few hours – maybe a day at most, depending on complexity – but after that, your space will be ready to use right away. Simple as that!


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