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Protect Your Garage Floor With Garage Floor Shield

Our CONTAINMENT MAT is a high-quality, easy-to-install and superior protection for your garage floor! Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, our mat can contain any kind of liquid or waste and is suitable for shop owners, garage enthusiasts, farmers, acreage owners, equestrian communities and hunters.

7’8″ X 18′ – $285
8′ X 21′ – $305



Life Can Be Messy. Your Garage Doesn’t Have To Be.

Let’s face it, Mother Nature throws a lot at us. Whether it’s rain, snow, mud, sleet and everything else those elements collect, it’s hard to keep your garage clean. We can help. Garage Floor Shield protects your garage floor from it all, including:
  • dirt/mud/debris
  • water/snow/sleet/slush
  • road salt
  • contaminants
  • oil, car leaks, fluids and waste


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Why Use Garage Floor Shield?


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Keeps Your Garage Floor Clean

Concrete and other hard-surface floors are porous and easily soak water, chemicals and oil into their surfaces while creating and collecting dust. This is problematic and can result in damage to concrete and finished garage surfaces.

The Garage Floor Shield containment mat helps keep your garage, its contents, and any connecting buildings clean by collecting all of the mess in one place.

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SHIELD your garage floor from all moisture, salt, chemicals/engine fluids, and hard debris.

SAVE on garage floor repair costs & cleaning.

PROTECT your floor coating and/or concrete garage floor.

 harsh elements for a safe garage.

PREVENT mold from vehicle moisture running into garage walls.

UPHOLD the value of your items and home.


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Delivers Long-Lasting Durability

The Garage Floor Shield is low-maintenance, waterproof, and designed to last years. The full mat is made of 32oz vinyl with coated nylon, and the edges are raised by 1.2” with an ethafoam as a barrier.

It withstands vehicle and foot traffic and has enough weight to resist sliding away.

Provides Aesthetic And Economic Value

Compared to competitor products, Garage Floor Shield is noticeably smoother with fewer wrinkles.

Digging up and replacing a damaged garage floor can be pricey. Garage Floor Shield can hide existing floor stains and cracks to create an appealing aesthetic.


Garage Floors

Offers Comfort And Protection

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you know water and snow collect quickly on the garage floor creating a slippery floor – especially during winter.



Installs Effortlessly

It couldn’t be easier to use a Garage Floor Shield. There is no assembly required – you simply roll out the mat (onto a clean floor free of debris) and allow it some time to take shape and relax the folds. Then, just park your vehicle.

It’s just as easy to put it away – just roll it back up or fold it.

Garage Floor Shield comes in two sizes. One size holds 62 gallons of liquid (7’8” x 18’), and the bigger sized mat holds 70 gallons of liquid (8’ x 21’).

Studded tires should not be used on the mat.


Cleans Easily

The Garage Floor Shield is made from easy-to-clean materials that effortlessly remove dirt, oil, and chemicals with simple wiping or mopping. You can clean it with a dry or wet vacuum, garden hose, or squeegee. Or, you can simply overturn the mat to empty its contents.

*Caution: Slippery when wet.


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Garage Floor Shield – So Many Benefits


Making Your Life Easy

  • Easy installation, easy moving, easy cleaning
  • Saves you money on garage floor repair costs and cleaning
  • Two-year limited warranty

Protecting Your Investment

  • Safeguards your garage and its contents from oil, chemicals, and debris
  • Contains the harsh elements and protects your floor coating and concrete floor
  • Prevents mold from vehicle moisture from running into garage walls

Providing Quality and Durability

  • UV-treated and PVC-coated nylon fabric (weighs 29 lbs) that withstands vehicle weight and heavy foot traffic
  • 100% waterproof material rated from -40 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Textured mat that channels dirt and liquids with its 1.2” raised edges

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