June 2022

Reasons To Buy Redline Garagegear Cabinets

If you’re serious about getting your Calgary garage in great shape, you’ll need the right accessories to make it happen. This doesn’t just mean the best lift motors or the right type of protective flooring. It also refers to things like the shelves, lighting, and storage used inside the room.

One of the most important parts of any professional garage setup are the cabinets you choose. The material, colour, placement, and style all have an effect on space and the overall feel of the room. There are plenty of manufacturers out there, but only a few can really be trusted to deliver garage-ready storage solutions. One of our favourites is Redline Garagegear.


Why Get Redline Garagegear Cabinets?

When you invest in a set of cabinets from Redline Garagegear, you’re getting some of the best that money can buy. Plus, you don’t even have to compromise on style or functionality in the process. 


1. Redline Garagegear cabinets are built specifically for garages.

You might be asking why you can’t just take some cheap cabinetry – maybe left over from a kitchen or a bathroom renovation – and use those instead. Long story short, it’s because they’re not meant to take the tough conditions of a garage throughout the Alberta seasons. With wild swings in humidity and double-digit overnight temperature shifts accompanying the ongoing extreme heat and cold, the wrong material can degrade quickly. The finish will chip and crack, and some pieces may warp or sag.


2. Redline Garagegear has 500+ cabinet choices.

With literally hundreds of options in a dozen powder-coated colour finishes, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can choose the style, size, and finish that you want, all protected by real powder coats that resist chips, cracks, and other damage. Whether you want a clean white shine, a deep rust red, brilliant blue, or a classic black, Redline Garagegear can make it happen.


3. Redline Garagegear cabinets are built to our needs.

Once you’ve settled on your style and colour, the real fun can begin. Plan your placement and get that “like-a-glove” fit you’ve been after, with off-the-floor designs that leave a bit of clearance down near your feet and keep things level and dry. Customize your hardware, pull directions, dummy drawers, countertops, and other features. They’re your cabinets – don’t be afraid to really make them yours.


4. Each cabinet from Redline Garagegear has a lifetime warranty.

One of the most important features of all, the company is so confident in their products’ performance that they offer a lifetime warranty when installed by an authorized installer (like The Garage Store). They have exclusive agents in each territory and we are the only one in southern Alberta, from Red Deer all the way to the border, because we maintain enough sales and a high enough quality of work. This warranty guarantees that the cabinets will function normally for life, and helps replace parts that may break, even years down the line. How can they do this? Because everything on a Redline Garagegear set is built to last – from the foundations to the finish to the details of the hinges and glides. 


The Importance of Your Garage Cabinets

The cabinets that greet you when you pull into your home should fill you with happiness and pride every time you see them. They should be easy to clean, durable, and stylish, with plenty of space to work with and store your things. It’s hard to find a better mix of those qualities than the selection of cabinets from Redline Garagegear.

The right cabinets can even bring old houses into the modern age. Imagine how fresh it would feel to have sleek, state-of-the-art cabinets in an older house in Thorncliffe, Altadore, Renfrew, or many other Calgary neighbourhoods. And if you live on an acreage – like out in Springbank or Bearspaw – chances are you have plenty of tools and materials to store in the garage. Keep it clear with useful garage storage ideas like an installation from Redline Garagegear!

To get started with a quote and more customized information for your garage layout, give us a call at The Garage Store and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free consultation. We’ll advise on your best course of action, because garages are what we’re good at!


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