Once you’ve got your garage floor looking how you want and the right storage solutions installed, it’s time to turn your attention to the finer details.

Things should be looking a lot tidier with the right wall storage, cabinets or overhead storage but there’s still work to do.

What can you do to protect your garage and the prized possessions it contains from the harsh elements we have here in Calgary?

Or protecting your walls and vehicle from that horrible scraping sound of the car not being parked quite correctly (and hitting the wall)?

How about the dim garage lighting that provides little help when you lose your keys?

And, importantly for car and garage enthusiasts in Calgary, how do you keep the space warm enough all year round?

You can do more with your prized space, adding practicality, comfort, and convenience with the right garage accessories.

These items can make life a lot easier, bring peace of mind that your possessions are safe, and make simply parking or working on your car a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

If your garage is a place you take pride in and you want the best possible space for working in, parking the car, or simply admiring, check out our garage accessories below. Hopefully, they provide some inspiration to take your garage to the next level of comfort and convenience.

Our garage accessory options

Park Smart Mats
Are you tired of your vehicle run off leaving the garage looking like a swamp? Remedy the problem...
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Tsunami Seal
The Tsunami Seal is a revolutionary threshold. This unique seal made to fit between your garage d...
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Park Perfect Mats
It can be challenging to maneuver your vehicle into that specific sweet spot in your garage. Auto...
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Park Smart Wall Guard
Have you ever experienced the horrific sound of your car door hitting a wall? It’s comparable t...
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Magnetic Induction Lighting
Magnetic Induction is a high quality lighting solution we offer that has proven to be preferred b...
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LED Lighting
LED lighting is truly revolutionary, groundbreaking technology. An ideal substitute to traditiona...
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ProPark 8 Standard
Maintenance of your vehicle is necessary to ensure both safety and functionality. There’s also ...
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ProPark 8+
Imagine your own, private workshop steps away from your kitchen. With the ProPark 8 + 4 Post vehi...
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ProPark 9+
Don’t trust your vehicle with just any lift. The ProPark 9 + is a superior quality, heavy duty ...
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Frontline FRO-SA10
The FRO-SA10 is a two post vehicle lift with a healthy list of features & benefits. If you’...
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Frontline FRO-E12
This lift offers a fantastic range of features and an even better price. The FRO-E12 two-post aut...
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Schwank P40-R Heater
A Canadian garage is often quite comparable to a walk-in freezer. Turn up the heat with the Schwa...
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Reznor V3 Series Heater
There are few things worse than getting out of the cold Calgary air after a long day, only to wal...
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How can garage accessories help you?

Garage accessories cover a broad range of items that go beyond storage, flooring or décor, and solve some practical issues you may be facing with your garage space.

They are usually the additional items you introduce to your garage after the “big picture” items like flooring and storage have been sorted out.

After you have created a clean, tidy, and clutter-free space to move around more freely in and your garage is looking spic and span, you can move onto the extra details that help your garage stand out and encourage you to spend more time there.

Generally, the garage accessories we provide fall into the following five categories:

  • Parking aids – park smart mats and wall protectors
  • Protection items – wall guards and protectors
  • Lighting – magnetic induction lighting or LED lighting
  • Car lifts – heavy-duty equipment to provide safe access for car maintenance
  • Heaters – quiet, warming, corrosion-resistant heaters

The accessories you will see featured below can help you deal with problems like the harsh weather we have in Calgary, tight parking spaces, how to access your car to perform maintenance at home, dim lighting, and more.

The following items all help you make more of your precious garage space and the items you store there…

Selecting the right garage accessories

No garage makeover is complete without a few accessories to make things more convenient, comfortable or safe. Before spending money on accessories for your garage, you need to consider the following:

What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

All the garage accessories you see listed above help homeowners solve problems in their garage.

Whether it’s how to deal with the cold, dim lighting, tight parking spaces, keeping out the elements, accessing your care for repairs, or protecting the floor from tire mud and water, the accessories you see all have a specific purpose.

What are the most pressing problems to solve in your garage?

Garage AccessoriesLED Garage Lighting


Pay special attention to the quality and resilience of any garage accessories you choose. We need to remember that these items will be partly exposed to the cold, ice, winds and snow that we get lots of in these parts.

High-quality materials and workmanship are required to withstand the battering that we get – and take special care with items that may pose a safety risk, like car lifts. Are you buying a reputable brand that is proven to be safe and reliable?

All of the items you see above are verified for safety and reliability and made by reputable manufacturers, such as ProPark and Frontline. They will not rust or degrade with cold and moisture.

Garage Park Smart MatTsunami Seal


Solving problems will probably dominate your thoughts about which garage accessories to add but homeowners who take special pride in their garage will also want to make sure that they look the part.

We select our products carefully at The Garage Store. The heaters, lighting, parking mats, and other accessories can play a part in your ideal garage by contributing to the overall design aesthetic.

Frontline Two Post Lift FRO E12Reznor V3 Seires Heater

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