Garage Accessories Options

  • Park Smart Mats

    Are you tired of your vehicle run off leaving the garage looking like a swamp? Remedy the problem with a Park Smart Containment Mat.

  • Tsunami Seal

    The Tsunami Seal is a revolutionary threshold. This unique seal made to fit between your garage door & floor prevents wet weather and debris from making its’ way into your garage.

  • Park Perfect Mats

    It can be challenging to maneuver your vehicle into that specific sweet spot in your garage. Auto Care’s Park Perfect Mats wash the complications of tight parking away.

  • Park Smart Wall Guard

    Have you ever experienced the horrific sound of your car door hitting a wall? It’s comparable to nails on a chalkboard. Protect your door & your wall with the Park Smart Wall Guard.

  • Magnetic Induction Lighting

    Magnetic Induction is a high-quality lighting solution we offer that has proven to be preferred by many experienced industry leaders. These high-efficiency lights have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours, making them a dependable option for areas that aren’t so easy to access.

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting is truly revolutionary, groundbreaking technology. An ideal substitute to traditional halogen & incandescent bulbs, the lights we offer are sure to brighten your day.

  • ProPark 8 Standard

    Our ProPark 8 Standard 4 Post Vehicle Lift is built to give you a secure, attractive platform to do what you do best. The reliability of this lift is validated not only by the durable materials used in manufacturing but by its’ certification with both the ETL and ALI.

  • ProPark 8+

    With the ProPark 8 + 4 Post vehicle lift, you can perform maintenance on your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. This heavy-duty, certified machine is built to only the highest of standards in the industry.

  • ProPark 9+

    The ProPark 9 + is a superior quality, heavy-duty vehicle lift capable of bearing up to 9000lbs of weight. This commercial-grade equipment is an ideal fit for larger vehicles such as trucks and vans.

  • Frontline FRO-SA10

    The FRO-SA10 is a two-post vehicle lift with a healthy list of features & benefits. If you’re after a high capacity, fairly priced lift, look no further. This glorious machine can bear up to 10,000lbs of weight while offering adjustable positioning to meet your specific service space requirements.

  • Frontline FRO-E12

    The FRO-E12 two-post automotive lift is made with durability and dependability in mind. It has the ability to raise and lower up to 12,000lbs with ease and efficiency.

  • Schwank P40-R Heater

    A Canadian garage is often quite comparable to a walk-in freezer. Turn up the heat with the Schwank P40-R. This quiet operation, the corrosion-resistant machine fills your garage with warmth quickly and quietly.

  • Reznor V3 Series Heater

    There are few things worse than getting out of the cold Calgary air after a long day, only to walk through a chilly garage. The Reznor V3 Series heater can help! This forced air heater is engineered with safety in mind to help keep both you & your garage toasty warm.



We offer a complete line of high performance polyaspartic coating systems, as well as gorgeous floor tiles, to assist you in creating a durable, attractive floor.


All of our cabinets are made with durability, functionality and style in mind. From simple to extravagant, we’ve got something for everyone.


Reclaim your floor space. We have numerous, versatile storage options for every type of garage to help you de-clutter in style.

Garage Décor

We are proud to offer the services of our talented graphic artist, Dwight Lockhart. From murals to props, if you can dream it, he can create it.


  • Heaters
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • LED
  • Auto Care Products
  • Lighting
  • Magnetic Induction


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