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Chestermere is just a short drive east from Calgary along Chestermere Blvd (17 Ave SE). It’s a fantastic community that offers its residents a unique lifestyle centred around lakeside living – but now, it’s got something else, too. Direct access to the best garage wall storage options in Alberta! If you find that your garage space is cluttered and in need of a makeover, The Garage Store is here to provide top-notch solutions that make the most out of every square inch you have.


Should I use garage wall storage?

Garage wall storage is a fantastic idea, whether you own a home in Chestermere or anywhere else. The main reason to do this is because it enables you to maximize the use of space in your garage, which often becomes cluttered with tools, sports equipment, and other items, no matter how much you promise to keep it clear. With garage wall storage, you can efficiently utilize the vertical space and free up the floor for parking your vehicles or creating a hobby workspace.

Benefits of garage wall storage in Chestermere

The biggest advantage of garage wall storage is organization. You’ll do no more endless searching for tools or tripping over clutter in the dark, early hours of the morning. In places like Chestermere where the climate changes a lot through the year, this also means you can put away seasonal items like skis or gardening tools without having to hunt for them later on.

Most people don’t realize that there’s also a big benefit in the amount of customization you can have. We offer plenty of options for wall storage (more on that in a minute), and you can tailor them to meet your specific needs – bike lifts, tire shelves, tool hangers, and so on. This also enhances the overall aesthetics and “feel” of the space, making it more inviting or stylish as you see fit.

Another benefit is a simple one, but it makes a big difference – your stuff stays clean! After all, on muddy spring days or during brutal winter blizzards, areas like Paradise Road are definitely not paradise at all. You’ll track mud, dirt, water, slush, and other unwanted materials on to your garage floor – where it will slowly melt and spread, gathering on anything that might be on the floor. Keep your expensive tools and toys safe by putting them up in wall storage for peace of mind!


Types of garage wall storage

Our garage wall storage solutions in Chestermere fall into five main categories:

  1. Wall Slats and Pegboards: These systems consist of horizontally installed slats or pegboards that can accommodate different hooks, hangers, and attachments. They are highly customizable with quick and easy access to whatever you need.
  2. Wall-Mounted Bars and Rods: For homeowners with heavy or bulky items to store, wall-mounted bars and rods are the go-to choice. These systems typically consist of sturdy steel bars and rods that are securely mounted to the garage wall, capable of supporting up to hundreds of pounds. Use them for bicycles, large tools, or sports equipment.
  3. Shelving: A true classic – shelves are easy to install and can hold basically anything that will fit on them. If you’ve got a lot of items that are easily stackable, like small boxes, these are an excellent choice.
  4. Hanging Racks: Hanging racks are specifically designed for storing bulky or oversized items that might otherwise take up valuable floor space. They are excellent for tires, bicycles, or large sports equipment, maximizing vertical space while keeping your garage organized and easily accessible.
  5. Organizers: Simple but effective, these are great for yard tools and other long items. They use hooks, slots, and attachments to help you hang items neatly along the garage wall, saving your floor (and probably your feet as you walk by, since there will no longer be equipment hanging out into the walking area).


How to Choose the Best Garage Wall Storage

From Kinniburgh to The Cove, selecting the right garage wall storage for your Chestermere home and budget depends on five different factors:

  1. Storage Required: How much stuff do you need to stow away, and how much additional floor space do you want to free up? Plan not only for your current needs, but also for items you’ll accumulate over the years ahead.
  2. Functionality/Usage: Different items in your garage will need different storage solutions. So, your choice of wall storage will depend heavily on the types of items you’ve got. Tires, camping gear, items you use consistently, bicycles, winter sports equipment….understanding your storage needs is crucial in selecting the most suitable solution.
  3. Resilience and Durability: Garage wall storage products have to withstand the challenging environmental conditions of an Alberta climate – from +40 to -40, with moisture, wind, and other factors. We only use high-quality, durable wall storage products from reputable brands like Racor, Hayley, and ProSlat, ensuring your items remain securely stored on the wall.
  4. Flexibility: Will you need constant access to items, the ability to reorganize, or the ability to maximize every bit of space? A flexible storage solution will change to match your needs of the day, and it’s a key aspect of successful garage wall storage.
  5. Design and Aesthetics: While functionality often takes precedence when considering wall storage, homeowners who take pride in their garage’s appearance may also want a wall storage solution that complements the garage’s overall design.


The Best Wall Storage Options for a Garage

Slat Wall Storage

    1. ProSlat Wall Storage: ProSlat offers award-winning storage solutions for garages, homes, and other spaces. They’re well-known for their slat wall panels, high-quality metal cabinetry, and storage racks, with four distinct series of panels – ProSlat PVC, ProSlat Aluminum, ProSlat ProCore, and ProSlat ProCore+ – available in various colors like white, light grey, charcoal, sandstone, aluminum, and carbon fibre. Their slatwalls have a reputation for quality, and they’ve earned it: each can support up to 75 lbs per square foot! All their products come with a supplier lifetime warranty.
    2. HandiWALL: HandiWALL, developed by HandiSOLUTIONS, is a PVC slat wall system renowned for its practicality, reliability, and adaptability. It’s durable, easy to cut, and has a ton of accessories for customized layouts that meet any need. Available in 1’x8’, scratch-resistant panels with multiple colour options.

Tire Racks

    1. Hayley Tire Racks: Hayley racks are affordable, dependable, and built to last. Their heavy-duty, powder-coated racks come in three sizes, remaining easy to load and install no matter which one you choose. They’ll keep your tires safely out of the way when not in use. Hayley also offers high-quality garage cabinets, and you can completely refit your garage with their product line!
    2. ProSlat Tire Racks: The ProSlat Tire Rack offers a simple, strong, and cost-effective solution to tire storage, capable of holding up to 300 lbs. It’s big enough to safely store up to four standard size tires, with steel construction and corrosion-resistant paint that provide durability for as long as you need it. If you’ve already got ProSlat slat walls, you can also get an optional mount to keep things simple.

Wall Racks

    1. SteadyRacks: If you or your family have bikes that you use for getting around Anniversary Park and Chestermere Lake’s pathways, chances are you don’t use it in the winter. So go for a SteadyRack! These are strong, sturdy, and convenient bike storage racks with a small footprint. There are three different styles to fit your bike, and despite being built with heavy duties in mind, they’re easy to install on virtually any wall. You can even store multiple bikes side by side with their unique swivel approach.
    2. Racor: With more than 50 garage storage products, Racor knows what it’s doing in the garage game. You can start with wall racks for larger items like sports gear and tools, but if you want even more options, you can take a look at their ceiling lifts and other options, too. Plus, they’re affordable and durable, with some of the best customer service in the industry if you ever need it.


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Where to Get Garage Wall Storage Items in Chestermere

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